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Manufacturing Machinery Finance

Hanleigh Lodge - Manufacturing Machinery Finance​One of the greatest issues facing companies that are looking to upgrade their machinery, or start a manufacturing business, is the initial costs involved. While the long term benefits and profit make the investment worthwhile and lucrative, it can be a challenge to raise the capital needed to make these upgrades. In new businesses, this can be even more challenging, considering that the business may not have a lending history or enough start-up capital to buy the machinery needed. These issues can become particularly pressing in companies where there are constant updates to machinery and technologies, and your company is starting to drop behind your competitors in manufacturing cost and efficiency.

One example that many companies are currently considering, is buying Robotic Process lines. These machines can assist you in moving valuable employees to more important tasks, and increase your product creation potential, as well as lower costs, but can be very expensive to initially purchase. Other machinery that businesses are often hoping to purchase or upgrade can include Press Brakes, Guillotines, Convection tunnels, Flow wrappers, CNC Milling machines, CNC Machining centres, Injection moulding machines, Blow moulding machines, Laser cutting machines, Panbrake Folders and Form filling machines. All of these machines add value and productive potential to your business, or allow a new business to start operating, but can be prohibitively expensive at outlay.

Putting a strain on cash flow or cash holdings early on in a business, or in business with minimal cash holdings is a situation that ought to be avoided. If you have minimal capital or want to preserve your cash holdings, manufacturing machinery finance may be your best option.

Hanleigh Lodge takes a highly collaborative approach to every client’s business capital needs. We will sit with you and discuss why you believe your business needs manufacturing machinery finance, and create a cost/benefit analysis for you to give to your finance provider.

If the machinery is coming from overseas, we can also work with you to arrange a Trade Finance facility. This enables the supplier to be paid once your new equipment is loaded on to a ship ready for transit. Buying from overseas is often much cheaper, but can be seen as the riskier option. This kind of finance facility, when set up properly, can protect your business from the concerns around not receiving your goods, or the lost income while waiting for the product to arrive.

Hanleigh Lodge also offers a variety of in-house finance products for manufacturing machinery. These are Finance Lease, Rental, Chattel Mortgage and Commercial Hire Purchase. Hanleigh Lodge is accredited with Australia’s leading banks and financiers and will find the best fit for your individual circumstances at the best rates.

If you are looking to finance machinery for your new or existing business, it is important to work with a trusted lender and adviser who will collaborate with you and discuss the pros and cons of your decisions from an experienced business point of view. Hanleigh Lodge has over 25 years of experience in advising and supplying manufacturing machinery finance. Contact us today to discuss the future of your business.

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